Trading crypto’s on the forex market VS on the crypto exchange

Buying crypto VS trading crypto on forex market…



Where $100 can be quickly turned into hundreds and then thousands and so on …….

If you spend $100 on Ripple at current price of $0.35, you get roughly 285 Ripples. ( IT’S A TOKEN YOU WANT. )

When Ripple goes to $1.00. your 285 ripples are now worth $285

NOW, let me overview of trading RIPPLE on Forex market.

Each movement is a ” percentage in point ” in which could be in favor to you tremendously.

Example: I stick $100 into a forex trading account.
The spread on this pair would be 100 (to keep it simple).
So what that means is, as soon as I enter a trade, it will be negative automatically. That is the spread. The fees between the bankers and brokers. They get their money regardless.

( In Forex there is 100,000 units )

So If I put a 0.01 size trade and a SPREAD of 100, I would start out negative about $1.00.. Each pip would be worth 10 cents on a 0.01 lot size on currency, generally… Make sense?

So let’s say Ripple jumps from 0.35582 to 0.35602
– That would be 2 pips or 20 micro pips.

Remember that each pip is worth $0.10 on a 0.01 lot size

each pip would be worth $1 on a 0.10 lot size (If spread was 100, you start out negative $10. If spread was 10, you would negative $1. make sense? )

You following this still?…

So lets say you do a 0.10 lot size with a $1000 account on Ripple at current price…..

Lets say you risk 0.10 and Ripple goes from 0.35582 to 1.00000……

That 0.10 trade would be 64,418 micro pips or 6418 pips.

6,614 x 0.10 (or 1) = $6,614 off $100 risked. (keep in mind you need to have equity in your account )

You generally wouldn’t do a 0.10 lot size if you ONLY had $100 in your account unless your entry was absolutely perfect.

ENTRY’S are KEY! Thats for sure.

So, place your positions

Still not trading?

– Zach C

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